Cleaning and care

How is the typical shine achieved?

Only silicone- or water-based oils or gels can be used in order to give your clothes the desired shine. Other substances containing fat damage the material by making it brittle as a matter of fact and it loses its gloss.

How should latex clothing be cleaned?

The best way to clean latex clothing is with warm water and some mild detergent. Unwind the garments from the detergent with warm water. Furthermore special latex cleaning products like Hexi Blue can be used. Hang the clothes up to dry and powder them with talcum powder after they have dried completely.

Do you offer latex cleaning products?

Unfortunately not.

There are stains after washing. Do they disappear again?

Don’t be shocked, if there are stains when the garments are still wet, because latex can take water. That means that the stains disappear as soon as the garments have dried completely.

How should latex clothing be stored?

Most important: no sun and as airtight as possible!
Use a wide hanger to store your garments. Do not use a wire hanger! Put a protective plastic bag over it; an ordinary large refuse sack does a perfect job for this purpose. Make sure that the garments are completely dry in order to prevent formation of mould. Don’t expose your garments to direct sunlight, since the garments become brittle, discolour and thus are irreparably damaged. Watch out that especially light colours don’t come in contact with metals containing copper because it causes irreversible stains.

Light colours are certainly more sensitive than dark ones. What do I have to pay particular attention to?

As mentioned above, make sure that light coloured latex does not come in direct contact with metals containing copper. This applies to storage as well as manufacturing. Metals which contain copper cause irreversible stains. Please bear this in mind if you would like to have your garment in a light colour, combined with press buttons, eyelets, etc. in another colour but silver!


Do you also repair garments?

Certainly. Just send us the damaged garment WASHED and DEGREASED! Additional cost would incur if we have to wash your garment before we can work with it!
We give you an estimate of the repair costs after we had a look at the damage.

Do you also repair garments which were not purchased from Noritex?

Yes, we also repair garments which were purchased from another designer.


I’d like to get my garment in a certain colour. Which colours do you have in stock?

Basically we do have black, in different thicknesses, and especially metallic colours in stock. If you like to get garment in a colour, other than pictured in the gallery, it is certainly possible. Simply tell us your desired colour. We inform you in case we have to order the colour, because of the possibly longer delivery time, since the special order causes a wait and probably a delay in delivery.

Why don’t you have ready-to-wear clothing?

Because at Noritex we are convinced that „every body“ is unique and different and is not subject to statistically tables of sizes. Just as individual and unique is thus every garment which leaves our house. Furthermore exclusiveness is guaranteed in this way.

I need my order as quick as possible. Do you offer a “rush-service”?

Orders are handled on the basis of first-come, first-served. A rush-service is basically possible, depending on the workload. However, additional costs of 25% of the catalogue price incur.
A rush-service is not possible in case of heavy workload.

I have once bought something from another designer or seen something which I would like to have in exactly the same way. Could you replicate it?

Definitely NO! Without exception!
Even though you cannot reinvent the wheel and there are not really copyrights in fashion design like in other art forms in this country, it is nevertheless plagiarism and thus a copyright infringement. Hence we repudiate the identical and also slightly changed reduplication of other designs. We wouldn’t be pleased either if we saw garments with “striking similarity” to one or more of our designs on another website, at events, in magazines, etc.


Do you have wholesale prices?

Every garment is crafted individually and exclusively according to personal measurements and wishes. Hence there is no ready-to-wear clothing or “mass production” and thus no wholesale prices.

I live in … . What are the shipping costs?

For shipping costs please refer to art. 4 of the terms and conditions.

I need some garments as outfits for a photoshoot, a film- or videoshoot, etc. Is it possible to borrow items?

Basically yes. Everything you see on this website once had to be manufactured after all and in this sense there is a collection of unique items. However it is doubtful whether the garments really fit the model. It would be best if you contact us and tell us the measurement.
Hiring out costs € 50 per piece and day, plus shipping costs. The garments have to be sent back in cleaned condition. If a garment is returned damaged, the purchase price as quoted in the collection gallery is due for payment. If you need clothes or costumes for a film-, video- or stage-production, promotional campaign, etc., we will be delighted to work out a concept with you and manufacture the costumes exclusively for your production.

Do you offer apprenticeship or traineeship?

Unfortunately not!