Overbust corset Minerva

Elegant overbust corset consisting of four panels each side. The corset is opened and closed with a zipper on the front and laced through eyelets on the back. The zipper is covered up to the cups: the cover in a contrasting colour is manually embellished with a jacquard-pattern and can be opened and closed with press buttons on the left side. The right side is fixed with rivets as well as the seam lines are embellished with rivets. The cups are also in a contrasting colour.

The eyelets, rivets and press buttons (pictured here in silver) are also available in gold and antique-gold.

The boning of the corset consists of 10 bones.

Thickness: 1.8mm
Colour 1: black
Colour 2: metallic-platinum

Model: Mia Mysterious
Photographer: Abart Photographie

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Article type: made to measure
Other Colours: Yes
Price: 425.00 €

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